Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A wonderful day outside and music

Today I didn't end up going to the museum, although I plan to tomorrow after I finish work at 3:00. I did however search all around the outdoor shopping center for some spices I needed to cook tonight. I also stopped by the bookstore to read some more tips about being French. The weather was gorgeous--in the 80s, and I got to wear one of my favorite outfits. (Most of my favorite clothes, are of course, for the warm weather).
I also, before leaving, pampered myself with lotion and some face treatments, and curled my hair loosely to give a fresh but sexy and natural look. I didn't want to do too much, as I have read time and time again this is very unFrench.
On my playlist while getting ready for my day walking outside in search of my ingredients and to the bookstore, I played "Moi je joue" by Brigitte Bardot and also "Sensualite" by Axelle Red, a Belgium Singer. Also, I listened to Adele "Chasing Pavements" Michael Buble "Feeling good" and one of my favorite songs of all time "You're so vain" by Carly Simon. Although, not all French songs, I love the classical sound of jazz artists and classic songs, in general. They put me in a cheerful and relaxed mood as I sing to them and get ready for the day ahead.
Overall, it was a rather uneventful but very enjoyable day in and out of the sun. Tomorrow, I am definitely taking a trip to the museum and perhaps, ordering some French books I have been searching online to further study for my experiment. Until next time, here is some of the music I was listening to.


  1. I really enjoy this blog. I like that you want to better yourself through trying new things. Hope you have a good time at the museum today!

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  3. This blog is very interesting. I will come back to check your new posts. I like the idea.