Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinner and a day off

(Steak au poivre in image is not actual steak I made)
Steak Au Poivre with red wine sauce and mushrooms in butter is for dinner tonight. I have made this dish before, as I am a fan of trying out all different foods--from India, Thailand, Italy, and of course, France. It came out extremely well, and I am excited to have it again tonight.
Since I bought a good quality wine, I think after I use a cup of it to cook the steak, I'll drink some with my food, as well. Apéritif and digestif are also two things I need to add to my meals, as I have been reading many French people enjoy these drinks before and after meals.
Tomorrow, I have a day off. I'm going to wear my effortlessly stylish clothes I already own (not to flatter myself but before this experiment, I had this style down already) take a nice walk, and maybe read something outside. I also have been dying to go to the museum, as well, not necessarily because I want to act French, which consequently will go along with my experiment, but because I have been really wanting to for some time, and as a painter, it's important to keep familiar with the work of others.
I also want to set aside some time for myself to also cleanse my body (of course do this by showering). But I really want to pay extra attention to the details. Make everything pristine and completely well groomed, as I have read many times French women are very rigorous with. Of course, as a woman who loves feminine things, I do this, but I want to pay extra attention tomorrow and take my time. Perhaps, some overall exfoliation, nice music while I take my time, face masks etc... Who knows? I need to let the day guide me in the moment.
This is not just something that is French, but also very Buddhist--allowing the moment to take place. Yes. There are many plans I can make for what to do tomorrow with my day off, but living in the moment then and this moment right now as I am typing is the true joy of life. Even if it is just finishing this blog. Typing one more sentence and one more word. The fact that I am conscious of that, is true mindfulness. Now, that's what Buddhism (which I have recently also begun to study) has taught me, and being French, it seems affirms that idea.


  1. Very good idea to start taking l'apéritif (l'apéro) and le digestif (le digo [dee-jo]), it's indeed part of our everyday rituals!
    Oh, and I showed by boyfriend your blog, he's american and live here with me in France, he thinks it's really cool you're doing this. Keep up!

  2. Apertif and digestif are my next food related items that are definitely on my list to find here.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read and share my blog with your boyfriend. It's nice to hear feedback. Thank you.