Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A very good little film

Mr. Hulot in Mr. Hulot's Holiday
Mr. Bean in Mr. Bean's Holiday

The movie I watched the other night, Mr. Hulot's Holiday, was very entertaining. All in black and white, with very little dialog, it was hilarious. I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. Not only that, but it reminded me a bit of Mr. Bean or more accurately, Mr. Bean's Holiday. Mr. Bean, being an English show/movie franchise, about a bumbling but harmless fool who disaster always follows seems to have been taking from this old French film. Ah, the rivalry of the English and French--even with fictional characters! There is always a little competition between the two, because everyone knows, the French and the English have a love/hate kind of relationship.
I actually prefer Mr. Hulot to Mr. Bean, although, I do like Mr. Bean. With less dialog in Mr. Hulot, and the time period (which was around the 1940s in the movie) the mishaps he has and accidents he causes are actually more humorous than when these same things are set in modern times. Overall, a nice little movie.
I also would like to watch Coco Avant Chanel. I absolutely respect her for what she contributed to women as far as making us feel that we can be more comfortable and wear what we like--not always what pleases the men. (Hence, Ms. Chanel's contribution to helping make the corset go out of style). This is a film that I think I will order from On Demand on my t.v. this week.
As for living more French, other than watching French films, I have to refresh myself a bit and get more ideas. I was walking everywhere yesterday, everywhere, because I had a day off. My thoughts alluded me and I kept thinking of what I can do next that's French. Then, I realized that my act of obsessing and planning was very un-French. I was not being relaxed enough.
So, I'm going to get some new ideas and try them out. Then, of course, I'll write about how they went.


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